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Benefits of Trail Running

Running is good for everyone, but doing it on a trail is even better. Heading out into the meadows or woods gives one an experience with nature that pavements and roads cannot offer. Of course, the soft surface of the trail gives one’s body a break too. Spanning from physical to mental benefits, trail running offers them all. Here is a look at these two benefits.

Physical Benefits

Besides keeping one physically fit, trail running has a lot more physical benefits. For instance, it takes away the impact that body parts, such as shins, hips, knees, and ankles sustain when running on harder surfaces. Running on a road involves the same foot strikes, which put more pressure on the mentioned body parts. It is a whole different story when running on trails, as each stride on the mixed-terrain surface of the trails is slightly different. This means that the impact of the runner's foot strikes will be spread over a wide range of muscles, putting less pressure on the joints and muscles. With conditions such as shin splints and ITB syndrome, one feels better running on trails than on roads or pavements. Additionally, the even distribution of the impact eliminates or lessens any post-running soreness.

Mental Benefits

Trail running serves as an escape route from an otherwise hectic daily schedule in a busy environment, full of city noises. The calming sounds of birds and trees rustling in the air means that one will be in an entirely mind-refreshing environment.

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